About Us

Since 1984 Clear Systems have built up an unequalled range of products and systems, including Time Recorders, Time & Attendance Systems, Biometrics and on-line Payroll – all at affordable prices for all sizes of organisation.

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uAttend™ inexpensive Web based Time & Attendance system in the Cloud. With optional networked Time Clocks (from £94), Phone, App and Web Clocking. No software/updates to install and no lengthy contract!

EasyTime™ Low Cost PC System – Software for one PC, discreet easy to use Reader, 25 Mag-Stripe Cards and Networked Reporting. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Only £175.00.

Focus PRO and Enterprise comprehensive Time & Attendance system – provides a strong base of features providing benefits for the SME-Level organisation. Focus PRO is also scaleable to match your organisation’s growth. Focus Enterprise extends the facilities available to the user even further by including more pay rates, Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) and Cost Centre analysis as well as a report generator.

BrightPay Payroll – at first glance, BrightPay Payroll, is deceptively simple. It’s clear and easy to use interface is expertly crafted to only reveal the underlying comprehensive set of payroll functionality, where and when you need it, on Windows or Mac OS X.

Time Recorders – Clocking In and Clocking Out made easy. Autonomous time recorders allowing up to 6 clockings per day, 2 print colours and full battery backup.

Totalling Time Recorders – autonomous time recorders which calculate daily or weekly totals for individual employees.

Date/Time & Numbering Machines – Fully configurable electronic machines which stamp documents and time-sheets with date and time, sequential numbers and other data. These can also be use for Time & Attendance Recording.

Cards, ribbons and consumables for all of the above systems and machines.

Our expertise in People and Data at Work is here for you.