Focus: Calendar

The Calendar shows an employee’s year, taking into account all holidays booked and taken, all absences and reasons for each. It also keeps track of how many holiday days have been accrued and used, and all sick days. The holiday start date can be set for individual employees in their records.

Focus calendar topbar closeupFrom the options at the top of the report you can change the year that you wish to view, or select a text only or full colour print out of the calendar.
Focus calendar key closeupThe colour coded key automatically adds to itself as you introduce new absence types to the calendar. The possible absence types are defined by you.
Focus calendar stats closeupAt the bottom of the screen is a real time account of the employee’s holiday days taken and remaining, and also any sick days taken within this year.
Focus calendar absence type closeupYou can set the screen to only display certain absences as you wish, so you can easily scan through your employee records for specific details of, for example, holidays or sickness.

Clear Systems is an authorised re-seller of Focus – from Chronologic and HR Industries.