uAttend – Testimonials

O2 and CEX franchise stores

“Managing staff attendance is now easy and efficient. Staff can easily monitor their time and see what paid hours they have accrued and our managers are able to incorporate changes easily and save hours each week on analysis, as information is already collated.”

Ramsden International – delivering grocery brands worldwide

“If any company is looking for a quick, easy to fit and use system to capture employees swipes then I highly recommend the uAttend system. I was challenged to find the right fit for our business – an SME (small to medium enterprise) in terms of the most cost effective and easy to use for our team.

Once I chose the uAttend system it was plain sailing, the support team talked me through all I needed to know making it so easy, they also liaised with our Internet Systems team to ensure that it would work with our systems, what is also great is that is cloud based.

We liked that we could choose different options for capturing swipes by either facial recognition, finger print or the good old fashioned fob system. As we really only wanted it for Health & Safety purposes in case of a fire etc we chose the fob which works really well.

If I have ever experienced any issues the team are only a phone call away and are always really helpful and supported with the initial set up and ongoing support.

It’s a real easy web site to use in terms of understanding the data and setting up users, great reports giving you however much detail you require.

What is also great and works really well for our remote workers is the simple mobile phone app, this has provided us with valuable assurance that we know where are teams are as many work abroad.

Finally you will not believe how easy it is to set up it is as a simple as attaching to the wall & plugging in and attaching to your systems. I know Ramsden International made a great choice.”

Debbie Middlemas – HR Manager.

Green Owl Cafe and Deli

“I’m very happy with the system, it makes the hours for staff a non-job. Doing the wages is very easy now, I just send a file to my accountant.”

Sitraben – contract furniture

“We are quite happy with our system and it works well for our business.”

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