WinBase.NET : Time and Attendance Recording Software

WinBase.NET is a comprehensive Windows based solution for:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Departmental Costing
  • Job Costing
  • Access Control.


  • uses either the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database, or your existing in-house SQL Server
  • is available with a range of network based terminals with either RFiD, proximity, mag-stripe or fingerprint readers
  • is available in single-user and multi-user configurations
  • has capacity for 100 employees as standard (expandable in blocks of 25)
  • supports multiple pay periods (i.e. weekly, 2-weekly, monthly)
  • has unlimited user-definable shift patterns, an in-built personnel system and much more.

WinBase.NET also offers the following optional add-on modules:

  • Payroll linking to automatically update 3rd party payroll systems with hours worked at various rates. Supported links include Sage, Pegasus Opera & Earnie.
  • ASCII output to export data for linking into spreadsheets & other 3rd party software.
  • Access control to control door entry/exit permissions with schedule planning.
  • Department costing to allocate hours & overtime across different departments within your organisation.
  • Job costing to allocate hours & costs to production, View up-to-date labour & other costs on contracts/jobs/operations.

For more details please see our brochure.

WinBase.NET can be purchased as an add-on to existing EasyTime™ systems to add an enhanced level of functionality to the built-in software provided with these systems. Also there are attractively priced bundled systems combining WinBase.NET and EasyTime™. Whether you have a new system or an upgrade to an existing system WinBase.NET is simple to install and set up and is backed up by our telephone and email support service.

WinBase Support

We are a re-seller of WinBase and welcome enquiries from prospective customers.

We may provide assistance to our own customers, but kindly request that WinBase users who have not bought from us refer to your own reseller.

Alternatively contact the system developers:
Productive Computer Solutions: Tel: 01274 622 752.