WinBase.NET : Time and Attendance Recording Software

WinBase.NET is a comprehensive Windows based solution for:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Departmental Costing
  • Job Costing
  • Access Control.


  • uses either the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database, or your existing in-house SQL Server
  • is available with a range of network based terminals with either RFiD, proximity, mag-stripe or fingerprint readers
  • is available in single-user and multi-user configurations
  • has capacity for 100 employees as standard (expandable in blocks of 25)
  • supports multiple pay periods (i.e. weekly, 2-weekly, monthly)
  • has unlimited user-definable shift patterns, an in-built personnel system and much more.

WinBase.NET also offers the following optional add-on modules:

  • Payroll linking to automatically update 3rd party payroll systems with hours worked at various rates. Supported links include Sage, Pegasus Opera & Earnie.
  • ASCII output to export data for linking into spreadsheets & other 3rd party software.
  • Access control to control door entry/exit permissions with schedule planning.
  • Department costing to allocate hours & overtime across different departments within your organisation.
  • Job costing to allocate hours & costs to production, View up-to-date labour & other costs on contracts/jobs/operations.

For more details please see our brochure.

WinBase.NET can be purchased as an add-on to existing EasyTime™ systems to add an enhanced level of functionality to the built-in software provided with these systems. Also there are attractively priced bundled systems combining WinBase.NET and EasyTime™. Whether you have a new system or an upgrade to an existing system WinBase.NET is simple to install and set up and is backed up by our telephone and email support service.