EasyTime: Downloads

This page contains links for the downloading of application bulletins and demo software relating to the EasyTime™ Time and Attendance Recording System. If you have any problems with any of these downloads please email us using the contact/enquiry form. Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format so they will display and print on virtually any computer provided you have Acrobat Reader or the equivalent.

Downloadable EasyTime™ Documents

EasyTime™ Data Import & Export : a document that describes the facilities within EasyTime™ for importing and exporting cardholder data and clocking transactions (15 KB)

Sample Export File With Clockings (15 KB)

Sample Export File With Cardholder Details (1 KB)

Sample EasyTime™ Reports (43 KB) : a compressed zip file containing sample reports from an EasyTime™ system.

Downloadable EasyTime™ Demonstration Software

CLICK HERE : to download a demonstration version of EasyTime™. Just run the setup program and follow the instructions.

When you are asked for a username and password enter “admin” for both.

This is an older but functional release of EasyTime™ which will enable you to set up a couple of dummy employees, enter some clockings manually and get a feel for how it works. You have access to the help files so can go as deeply into the software as you wish.

EasyTime™ Software for Registered Users Only

CLICK HERE : to download the latest version of EasyTime™. Just run the setup program and follow the instructions.

If this is an installation on a replacement PC, hard drive or after an upgrade of Windows you will be required to enter an Authorisation Code this is generated afresh and requires the Product Lock Code. Please use the install programs registration form or call us on the number above – this can only be provided for bona-fide registered users. Unlock EasyTime 2.19 for registered users only.

EasyTime™ USB Reader Install Files

CLICK HERE to Download the install files for the USB Reader, includes the driver info file for Windows and instructions.

EasyTime™ USB Reader fix for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

CLICK HERE to Download a fix to alleviate problems with some Windows installations, where the USB Reader is not found or the LED does not stay lit.

How to stop Windows 7 etc switching off USB port power for the EasyTime™ USB Reader

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to stop the Windows 7 power plan disabling the power on USB ports as a power saving measure. This can affect devices, such as the EasyTime™ USB Reader, that require power on the USB port to operate.

Windows 7 etc Lost My Program’s Data

CLICK HERE to Download instructions on how to recover program data lost by changes in User Account Control settings.

EasyTime: 64-Bit Windows 8.1 or 10 Install USB Reader Unsigned Driver

CLICK HERE for istructions on how to install the USB Reader driver if Windows complains about it being unsigned.

How to install the EasyTime™ USB Reader on a local network

CLICK HERE to Download instruction on how to install and configure the Silex SX-3000GB USB Device Server with the EasyTime™ USB Reader.