EasyTime™: Low Cost Time & Attendance System

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EasyTime is a Windows based attendance recording system from Clear Systems Ltd – who ceased trading on 31st October 2019 – check easytime.info for latest information and resources.

After 31st October 2019 easytime.info should redirect to easytimeinfo.wordpress.com with links to helpful information and resources.

To help existing users continue using EasyTime there is a repository of Installation files and documents on-line – including an installer to update EasyTime 2.19 to an unlocked version which removes the authorisation / lock-key security.

There may be a limited supply of EasyTime cards, vertical card racks, cards holders, lanyards, reels and cleaning kits available after 31st Oct’19 – ask via the contact form or go here to order on-line.

N.B. there are no card readers available – but if you have a working one you no longer need – leave a comment on this post or fill in the contact form as it might be useful to someone else.

EasyTime PackageEasyTime™ is a low cost yet capable solution for the automation of employee attendance recording in offices, workshops and factories. It includes a swipe reader for recording arrivals and departures, a set of durable, plastic, credit-card sized employee ID cards and a simple yet effective Windows-based software package for recording and managing the attendance data.

A complete working system comprising the software, USB reader and 25 ID cards costs just £175 + VAT.

Even the smallest business can afford to automate its time and attendance recording using EasyTime™. The only cost for additional employees is the cards themselves – there are no additional license fees.

A networkable reporting module allows real-time reporting from any networked PCs, again with no additional license fees.

The EasyTime™ System

The EasyTime™ software runs on a Windows PC (XP/Vista/7/8/10) and communicates via USB with the new improved version 2 EasyTime™ Reader – which is an intelligent USB powered mag-stripe reader with confirmation via a buzzer and a new tri-state LED. The EasyTime™ reader uses a unique bi-directional swipe for clocking In and Out.

The password protected Admin Module, which collects and validates clocking data from the EasyTime™ reader in real-time, runs continually to give genuine real-time reporting, it can be minimised to the Windows tool bar so that the PC is free to be used for other applications as well.

The password protected EasyTime™ Reporting Module can be run on the same PC or on any other PC with network access to the EasyTime™ PC’s data folder. This provides genuine real-time reporting of up-to date information at multiple PCs on the same network.

EasyTime™ holds a database which matches badges against employees and also knows how many hours each employee is expected to be working. As employees record their arrivals and departures at the work-place by swiping their badges through the reader EasyTime™ records the times of these transactions. Consequently anyone allowed valid access to the EasyTime™ Reporting Module can see who is on site and who is absent, in real time.

This attendance data is accumulated within the software to provide a range of reports which are viewable with the EasyTime™ Reporting Module and also easily exported to other Windows applications such as Excel or Access. These reports help to monitor employee absences, speed up the preparation of payroll data, assist in identifying employee whereabouts in the case of an emergency and provide record-keeping facilities as required by the EC Working Time Directive.

EasyTime™ provides many of the facilities normally only found in software packages costing many times more – but with no hidden additional license fees for expansion of employee numbers or networked reporting.

EasyTime™ comes with detailed setup instructions and has a comprehensive online help facility to help you get up and running in no time at all.

EasyTime™ is designed, built, supplied and supported exclusively by Clear Systems – a long established independent UK company specialising in Time and Attendance systems.

STOP PRESS (July 2015): EasyTime™ 3 is now under development.

EasyTime3 alphaEasyTime3 alpha Settings Log All Data about

This long awaited new version is intended to be compatible with existing users of EasyTime™ and both the current USB and the previous serial versions of the popular bi-directional EasyTime™ swipe card reader as well as the old RS232 Display Reader – without the need for any 3rd party Com port drivers.

EasyTime™ 3 will be a new Windows application, using the .NET environment, but which should run on most, if not all, of the current installed user base as well as new systems.

EasyTime™ version 2 USB Badge Reader

The EasyTime™ version 2 USB Badge Reader comes complete with a 1.5 metre USB cable which can be extended with easily available third party USB extenders or our recommended USB Network Server without loss of performance.
The EasyTime version 2 USB Badge Reader reads cost-effective Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe Cards which are extremely robust and resistant to wear or damage from magnetic or electrical sources. The reader can mount on desk or wall with the optional wall box.
(RoHS and CE compliant).

WinBase Time and Attendance Software

EasyTime™ includes a range of basic reports that will meet the needs of most users. However if you require more sophistication in handling complex shift patterns or lateness rules or want to add other functionality to the basic EasyTime™ package such as job tracking we have a very attractive add-on in the form of WinBase.

This is a software package that works alongside EasyTime™ to expand the features available. It can be ordered at the same time as EasyTime™ or added later if your requirements change.

CLICK HERE for more about WinBase

EasyTime™ Support

While we offer help and support in the first month after installation, we have further reviewed our on-going support costs and reserve the right to charge £35 per non-trivial support incident.

This excludes the provision of Activation Codes for re-installation, which will continue to be provided free of charge to original licensed users.

Click here to order an EasyTime™ Support Incident.