uAttenduAttend log-inThe uAttend cloud-based system is extremely flexible, allowing employees to clock in and out from a time clock, a web-browser,by phone or an App.
No software to install, just a secure login in your web browser on Windows, Mac, linux, tablet or smart phone.

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 EasyTime™ EasyTime Package EasyTime™ is a low cost yet capable solution for the automation of employee attendance recording in offices, workshops and factories. It includes a swipe reader for recording arrivals and departures, a set of durable, plastic, credit-card sized employee ID badges and a simple yet effective Windows-based software package for recording and managing the attendance data. More Info

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 Focus PRO and Enterprise  The Focus PRO system provides a strong base of features providing benefits for the SME-Level organisation. Focus PRO is also scaleable to match your organisation’s growth. Focus Enterprise extends the facilities available to the user even further by including more pay rates, Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) and Cost Centre analysis as well as a report generator. More Info
 Time Recorders NeedTek UT2000 For ease of use and simplicity of operation many businesses still prefer conventional stand-alone time clocks. The time recorders we offer are all rugged and reliable yet attractive enough to use in office as well as factory or workshop, including Time Recorders, Totalling Time Recorders and Date, Time & Numbering Machines. Time Recorders


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 BrightPay Payroll
 BrightPay Payroll BrightPay, at first glance, is deceptively simple. It’s clear and easy to use interface is expertly crafted to only reveal the underlying comprehensive set of payroll functionality, where and when you need it, on Windows or Mac OS X. More Info
 TimeVision TimeVision TimeVision is ideally suited to the smaller business or organisation. Easily installed on a Windows PC with either the clocking terminal connected on your network or with data transferrred via your USB memory stick.
Works with most recent and current versions of Windows.
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 WinBase.NET WinBase.NET is a comprehensive Windows based solution with modules for Time & Attendance, Departmental Costing, Job Costing and Access Control. WinBase.NET is available with a range of network based terminals with either RFiD, proximity, mag-stripe or fingerprint readers. More Info