Former Products

We have supplied a variety of carefully selected products in the past.

While we no longer sell or support them, they are summarised below:

ACTAtekACTAtek is an intelligent fingerprint reader which sits on your PC network to manage door access and record in an out clockings for analysis on a central PC.

For more information visit – please mention us if you do.

 Atomic ClocksAtomic clocks provide absolute accuracy to PC’s, servers and networks. Also analogue and digital wall clocks.

For more information visit – please mention us if you do.

 Rota HorizonRota Horizon is designed to help you meet the challenges of enterprise-level staff-planning. Horizons multi-location, multi-user functionality gives users at every level a chance to plan for lower payroll costs, better staff efficiency and working-time directive compliance.

For more information visit – please mention us if you do.

 TIME+ TIME+ produced by Clear Systems is a fully featured and highly flexible computerised system for the collection, processing and management of data relating to employee attendance at the place of work. It uses intelligent Time Clock Terminals to collect and validate clockings, give messages and present optional reports to employees.

TIME+ is used by valued Clear Systems customers but is no longer actively supplied, we now recommend Focus Pro to new customers.

ClearPAYE™ClearPAYE™ ws a powerful, easy to use, online solution for the small to medium sized business who want to manage their own payroll at low cost and with full support.We now recommend BrightPay Payroll.
eLog+ EasyLogeLog+ / EasyLog used i-buttons for simple and secure transfer of clockings and set-up information between intelligent terminals and a Windows system. We now recommend uAttend.
Guard MonitoringThe Guard Patrol Starter Kit allowed you to begin operations immediately after quick configuration. It was a cost effective way to start monitoring guard and other patrols, and was upgradeable in line with business growth.
RosterLiveRosterLive (formerly known as RosterOne) is a web based workforce management solution which utilises proven technology to provide a robust rostering and attendance solution to companies of all sizes. The combination of features and technology used makes RosterLive the most modern and technically superior solution on the market. We now recommend Focus Pro.
Staff on TimeWas a Time and Attendance control system based on one or more biometric fingerprint scanners. Utilising employee’s fingerprints, Staff on Time provided an easy to use system that was a replacement for your Clocking-on and Swipe Card devices. We now recommend uAttend.
TimeLinkTimeLink was a simple and effective Windows based time recording software package, ideally suited to Accountants, Solicitors and similar fee based businesses. We now recommend uAttend.